Christopher Seaman

Building data science and growth teams


Head of Data Science

Bay View Analytics

Bio- and health-tech consulting with focus areas in digital health, diagnostics, therapeutics, and education. Results include analytical guidance through FDA approval and iterating ML solutions for improved efficacy and product/market-fit.

Honorary Lecturer


Taught data science applications in Python at UCSF’s Health Data Science Masters Program. Course topics include: SQL, data cleaning with Pandas, classification & model evaluation, vision, and building an LLM from scratch.

Senior Advisor

Catalyst Accelerator Program

Advised portfolio companies and prospects on medical/health data science applications. Interviewed startups to improve their pitches, reviewed applications for grants/funding, and paired with select startups for long-term consulting.

Director - Experimentation


Founded Experimentation and led Marketing Analytics. Designed and built A/B testing platform and hired data science team with multiple 20%+ wins. Owned top-of-funnel reporting, budget/forecasting, governance, and root cause analysis.

Director - Data Science & Growth


Founded Growth and led Data Science. Set roadmaps & strategy, established experimentation platform & practices for A/B tests, features, and pricing. Improved ML error grouping (Rollbar’s differentiator) by 35% and reduced noise by 80%.



Co-founded a startup helping independent contractors with their banking and taxes. As head of product and research, I recruited and hired engineering & design and set sprint and epic priorities while building our MVP.

Growth & Monetization Lead


Led PM’s (10) responsible for Dropbox's individual plan paid conversion (majority of revenue) through IPO. Launched free trials for Dropbox mobile and redesigned the over-quota flow (where most free users convert) resulting in $80m+ ARR lift.

Data Science Team Lead


Founded and led data science team (5) through IPO. Owned A/B testing, attribution, causal inference, & ROAS resulting in 250,000+ MAU, millions saved in marketing. Recruited data engineering team (4) and marketing analytics (10).

Experiment Design & Analysis


Designed methodologies for generative research on web-scale data. Created and extended tools for more informed planning efficiency in site-wide experimentation using standardized KPI’s and user segments.

Statistical Researcher

Human Services Research Institute

Designed outcomes-based model of mental health systems using Markov processes at this Harvard-affiliated research group. Conducted statistical and meta-analyses to improve patient outcomes through evidence-based policy.

Bioinformatics Analyst

Whitehead Institute/ MIT Center for Genome Research

Mapped portions of the human genome as a tiling path of bacterial artificial clones informed by disparate data sources & comparative genomics. Collaborated in publishing the Human Genome Project, with two articles in Nature.


Board Director, Governance Chair

Felton Institute


City University of New York Graduate Center


Master of Arts (Mathematics - en passant to Ph.D.)

Wheaton College (MA)


Bachelor of Arts (Mathematics)